10 Ways to Get Involved in Autism Awareness Month

Photo: April is Autism Awareness MonthApril is the month the world goes blue to promote awareness about autism spectrum disorder. It’s a great time for people who don’t live on the spectrum, or anywhere near it, to learn more about this developmental disorder that affects one in every 68 children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Whether you are the parent or family member of a child with autism or just want to be there for someone you know, jump in this April and show some blue spirit by participating in local and global events that support autism awareness.

1. Go Blue Socially

Start your quest by turning everything on your social media pages blues. That means your profile picture, cover and whatever else you can change. There are apps available that will place a blue filter on your current image or you can do something creative on your own.

2. Add Some Blue Information

While you are at it, add some information to your feeds telling others why you are blue and inspire them to find out more information about autism.

3. Get Sensory Friendly in Houston

On April 3rd, kids on the spectrum can celebrate their uniqueness at Houston’s famous playground for your mind. The Children’s Museum of Houston is featuring a Sensory Friendly Day to show their support. The museum opens at 10 in the morning on that Monday and closes at 3. Admission to this special event is just five dollars.

4. Enjoy a Sensory-Friendly Movie

AMC Theatres offers two sensory-friendly movies monthly. In April, the most likely dates are the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, but call to check. You can see sensory-friendly blockbusters like the new Beauty and the Beast or Power Rangers. In the Houston area, head over to the AMC Gulf Pointe 30 or another associated theater. Ticket prices vary by location.

5. Write a Blog

Even if you don’t manage your own blog, offer to write one for a friend about autism and going blue in April.

6. Take a Run

Put on your best blue running shoes and head down to Sugar Land Town Square on April 22nd to participate in a worthy awareness run – 8K for adults and 1K for kids.

7. Wear Blue – Literally

Decorate your shirt or bag with a blue Autism Awareness ribbon. You can buy one or just make your own.

8. Make a Donation

There are many worthy autism organizations out there that would love a donation from you any time of year. Make April the month you give a little more for autism.

9. Give Them Time Instead

While you are at it, give them a little of yourself, too. A good place to start in the Houston area is the Autism Society Texas Gulf Coast. They have meetings the second Tuesday of each month.

10. Give a Hug

Go ahead and give someone you know affected by autism a big hug to say thank you.

Make April the month you get involved in autism awareness.  Spread the word and show your support!