Club TLC

Club TLC is a social skills group using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to increase a student’s higher level communication. Social skills focus on conversation, body language, developing friendships, manners, acceptable public behaviors, how to handle conflict, and much more.

Each Club TLC group boasts a one-on-one ratio in the group environment. This allows each student to focus on their individual goals as determined through assessment while still benefitting from working together with their peers.

Included in Club TLC curriculum is time to work on homework as well as individual goals. Homework time is geared more towards decreasing behavior barriers during homework time and teaching the student how to tackle homework successfully. The focus is not on learning the academic skill or what traditional “tutoring” might address. Individual goals can range anywhere from how to give a compliment to how to tie your shoes.

All progress is recorded and programming decisions are made based on data. Each student goes home with a “How I Did Today” sheet detailing their progress for that day and a handout on what the lesson was along with a small homework assignment. At Behavior TLC, communication with parents is a top priority as we feel it is significant to our students’ success.

Behavior TLC hosts 2 different age groups

Details Days Time
Elementary (Kindergarten – 5th graders) Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-5:30
Intermediate (6th-8th graders) Monday/Wednesday 4:30-6:30

Curriculum Strategies include

Video Modeling
Interactive Games
Role Play

Club TLC Schedule

Time Schedule
1st 30 minutes arrival, snack, homework, individual goals
Next 1 hour Lesson of the day, discussion, role play
Last 30 minutes review individual goals, practice skill of the day with group game