ABA Consultation

Not every client will fit into one of our established models or require treatment at our clinics in Houston. For those that don’t, we offer an ABA therapy consultation service designed to individualize the process and provide training to caregivers and family members. The service is provided on an hourly basis to create a scalable solution using one of our BcBA’s or BCaBA’s as the provider.

For parents, the consultation service is a training program that allows the therapist to guide them on difficult issues and create a behavior plan for the home. It may also be used for one of our therapists to attend ARD meetings or to provide training for caregivers or other family members.

What occurs during the ABA consult?

The consultation allows us to help you provide ABA therapy at home.  We’ll start by learning more about your family and household.  We’ll discuss day-to-day issues, review handouts explaining ABA principles, and talk about goals. Additionally, we’ll ask key questions to help us design and tailor a plan that will best fit you and your child’s needs:

  • What will make your day-to-day easier?
  • What behaviors can we work on together to strengthen your relationship between you and your child?
  • What can we do to help your child meet goals like making friends and being independent?


The initial goal is to cover six general ABA topics as an overview and then focus the discussion on the client’s specific needs.  Parents and caregivers will walk away with a better understanding of the following:

  • ABA therapy overview:  What it is and how it is helpful
  • How to identify target behaviors for their child
  • How to navigate a behavior plan

What to Expect from the Consultation Service

We review handouts that explain the basic ABA principles and help establish program goals. We’ll give out homework that encourages you to try different things at home and write down the results for review during the next session. This allows us to look at individual situations objectively and develop actionable solutions.

Each consultation is made based on your schedule and need. Sessions range from several times a week to just once a month, depending on your situation. They are fully scalable, as well. Once you meet your established goals, we can slow down. After completing the program, you can still make refresher consultation appointments if you get off track or a new behavior pops up.

What is the cost of an ABA Consult?

Consultation appointments are made with a BCBA and are billed at an hourly rate of $105 per hour.  Insurance policies do cover this type of service and we will only charge a daily copay depending on your plan.

Interested in an ABA Consult or doing ABA therapy at home with your child?  Contact us today to set up an appointment.