Parent Communication

At Behavior TLC we are dedicated to giving our families the support they need. In order to do that we must ensure continuous communication so you know how your child is doing. We provide this cooperative environment in a variety of ways:

  • Daily Notes – Every client leaves each session with a daily note hand-written by the therapist who worked with them that day. This note details how the programs went, what the client did well on and what they need to practice more. We can also detail any individualized requests such as food intake, bathrooming, language, etc.
  • Monthly Progress Notes – Every client receives a monthly progress note. This note details the quantifiable progress on each skill and behavior plan. You will get a summary of progress and the future goals for the program.
  • Quarterly Parent Meetings – Parents are welcome to call a meeting at ANY time. However, we will ask you for a meeting each quarter to review progress, check in with how things are going at home, and look at future goals.
  • Observation – We have an open door policy for any parent to watch any session at any time. We encourage parents to use the camera room to watch sessions so as not to disturb the therapy session.