Top Holiday Gifts for Autistic Kids

TPhoto: Child Holding a Giftoys are a fun choice for any kid this holiday season but it’s trickier to find one that brings cheer into the life of an ASD child because they experience the world differently. Their sensory perception is unique, so finding a positive way to stimulate and excite or calm and soothe them is a challenge. When doing your holiday shopping, consider some of these wonderful gifts for autistic children.

Moon Sand

While sand is a treat for most autistic children, it’s less than fun for mom and dad. Moon Sand offers a functional solution. It gives these kids that tactile sensation that they love without all the mess. Moon Sand is specially designed to stick together but without sticking to clothes, hands, carpets or furniture. Parents put the sand in a small tub and let their child experience it for hours. It doesn’t dry out, so it is fun that will last way past the holiday season.

A Tent

There are tents made especially for kids with autism, but the truth you can add any tent to your holiday gift guide as long as it’s small enough to fit into a room. Look for something in a bright color – maybe someone’s favorite color – and with a zipper window or sky view. All kids love to have a place to hide, but for the autistic child, a tent is so much more. It provides a place free from the outside sounds and sights that get overwhelming. One well-placed tent can be the difference between a calming moment and a meltdown.


You probably played with one as a kid yourself. Simon is a bright and challenging game for the ASD child that loves colors, lights and music. If you are buying for a friend’s son or daughter, ask to make sure if the Simon game is a good fit, though. The overstimulation may be too much for some special needs kids, but just right for others. In case you don’t remember, Simon is a computerized memory game that you play by yourself or with a friend. It’s small and easily portable and comes with three different game modes.

Lunar Light Show

Most kids respond well to light toys, but this one provides a visual display that is a great distraction. Lunar Light Show turns any room into a private lunar Command center full of bright colors and blinking lights. It works on remote, so parents can use it to calm a restless child as a precursor to bed or just to keep someone special busy. The pulsing and blinking action of the lights is something neat the whole family will enjoy.

Calming Weighted Comforter

It’s the right choice for a kid that has a hard time settling down. This is a portable calming tool that is big enough to cover the entire body with weighted comfort. Made from cotton, it is machine washable and tough enough for the dryer. The blanket weighs eight pounds and folds easily into a lap pad for car travel and then unfolds for use on the bed or around the house.

Toys can be both fun and functional choices for kids on the spectrum because they work to distract, relax and teach fundamental skills. Look for something that suits the unique needs of your autistic child this holiday season.