Special Needs School

At Grand Oak Academy in Houston, we provide a full academic curriculum to special needs students while incorporating the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis at the same time. The comprehensive course of study offered implements the core standards required for every child along with individualized and tailored therapeutic support. When combined together, we create an environment that allows students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to progress academically, socially and developmentally.  Our special needs school helps your child learn and grow in ways best suited for them.

What to Expect from Grand Oak Academy

The team at Grand Oak Academy focuses their teaching on covering the same skill sets required in a traditional classroom but in a format that works for special needs. The ABA structure is proven to be effective for a variety of learning scenarios such as autism, speech delays and Asperger’s. Students get the same benefits as they would from a traditional learning environment but with the added the advantage of progressing at their own pace.

In a public school system, the average child must endure numerous transitions to accommodate special need services. By enrolling in a special needs school like Grand Oak Academy, they have fewer transitions to disrupt their school day because specialized instructions take place in the same room. There are also private ABA sessions available during the day to make the education processes that much smoother.

Why Grand Oak Academy is the Right Choice for Your Special Needs Child

Grand Oak Academy in Houston offers properly implemented academic strategies and behavior intervention plans, so every child benefits from individualized teaching. We do not prescribe to the one-size-fits-all theory of education. Our Grand Oak Academy certified instructors and ABA therapists take a personalized approach. On average, Grand Oak Academy offers a ratio of 1 teacher to 3 students for optimal learning designed especially for an autism school.

The goal at Grand Oak Academy is two-fold:

  • We provide an intermediate step between the one-on-one day program setting and general education public or private school systems.
  • We provide a long-term specialized private school option if you want your child to continue to benefit from the ABA model.


Applied Behavior Therapy combined with a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the individual needs of your child is what makes Grand Oak Academy in Houston stand out.